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Check Out Your Room Ahead of Time

If you’re speaking a new group in a new setting, one way to be prepared is to visit the location ahead of time and take a few pictures. I’m speaking to a group in the near future and was talking … Continue reading

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Writing a Speech in Five Minutes

All of us at some point in our speaking career have to give a speech, but don’t have the time to prepare. Illness, family problems, extra time needed at work – these are all valid reasons to be in a … Continue reading

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Aristotle’s Rules for Persuasive Speech

When you think of old, very old, extremely old speakers. Who’s the first person which comes to mind? Larry King? NO – this speaker is older than Larry Impossible you say, no one is older than Larry. Well let me … Continue reading

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Practicing a Speech – Tip from the NY Times

I just read an interesting article from the NT Times which seems to relate to giving a speech. It  says, “The research, published online Thursday in the journal Science, found that students who read a passage, then took a test … Continue reading

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Google Alerts for Speech Research

Here’s a quick way to research your speech topic – use Google Alerts. While most people will use the Google Search engine when working on a speech, most of that information is old. It could be years old, months old … Continue reading

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One of the Best Election Speeches I’ve Ever Heard

Three important qualities that speakers need to have in any speech are humor, logic, and the Wow! factor. The speech below is a masterpiece. It’s short, succinct and has all three qualities. I’m impressed. “For the past two years I … Continue reading

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Lecterns 101

Here are a few tips on using a lectern. No, it’s not a podium – see wikipedia. 1. If you’re the Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies, you should try to sit right next to the lectern. This facilitates the transition … Continue reading

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