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Use Your Laptop or Theirs?

I’m recently having a discussion with a group where I’m going to do a one hour presentation skills class. They want me to use their tower computer which is situated in the back of the room, in a closed-in cabinet. … Continue reading

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Presenter View in Power Point

If you’ve ever wondered why many speakers still rely on all those bullet points in a presentation, it’s mainly because they don’t know their material. Now there’s a way to show great graphic visuals and still have notes to reference … Continue reading

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Laptops and Projector Settings

I was practicing a speech and noticed that the projector screen picture looked fuzzy and I couldn’t get a clear picture. What I discovered was that I needed to set the laptop resolution to the resolution of the projector. The … Continue reading

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Check Out Your Room Ahead of Time

If you’re speaking a new group in a new setting, one way to be prepared is to visit the location ahead of time and take a few pictures. I’m speaking to a group in the near future and was talking … Continue reading

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Writing a Speech in Five Minutes

All of us at some point in our speaking career have to give a speech, but don’t have the time to prepare. Illness, family problems, extra time needed at work – these are all valid reasons to be in a … Continue reading

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Aristotle’s Rules for Persuasive Speech

When you think of old, very old, extremely old speakers. Who’s the first person which comes to mind? Larry King? NO – this speaker is older than Larry Impossible you say, no one is older than Larry. Well let me … Continue reading

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Introductions 101

The Actual Introduction The introduction is where your audience forms their first impression about you. Although it is only a small part of your entire presentation, it is here that you can either grab your audience or totally turn them … Continue reading

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Practicing a Speech – Tip from the NY Times

I just read an interesting article from the NT Times which seems to relate to giving a speech. It  says, “The research, published online Thursday in the journal Science, found that students who read a passage, then took a test … Continue reading

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Know Your Audience

Rule #1 for any presentation is to know as much about your audience as possible. Here’s a checklist I use to do just that. ################################### PRESENTATION/AUDIENCE QUESTIONNAIRE These questions are designed to help me prepare a program specifically suited to … Continue reading

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Power Point by Dilbert

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